Please Note: A registration will stay in a 'Pending' status until a Payment is received. Hotel rooms will be assigned only after a Payment is received.

General Registration

Options for General Registration
General Registration Rates (After Dec 31st)
  • Registration per person - $30
  • Guest room per night - $135
  • Food per day for 1 person (Adult) - $89
  • Food per day for 1 Child (Ages 5 to 12) - $69
  • Children 4 and Under - Free
Walkin Registration

Individual Sponsorship

Individual Sponsorship Options
Bronze - $1,000
  • Registration (1).
  • Meals for 3 days (1 Person).
  • 1 King Size Guest Room for Accommodation.
  • Bronze Badge (1).
  • Recognition in the songbook.
Bronze Star- $1,250
Silver - $1,500
Silver Star - $2,000
Gold - $2,500
Gold Star - $3,000
Platinum - $5,000
Platinum Star - $10,000
Diamond - $15,000
Diamond Star - $20,000

Church Sponsorship

Church Sponsorship Options
Faith - $1,500
  • Registration (2).
  • Meals for 3 days (2 People).
  • 1 Guest Room for Accommodation.
  • Sponsor Badge (1).
  • Recognition in the songbook.
  • Half Page advertisement in the songbook.
Hope - $2,000
Love - $2,500
Peace- $3,000
Grace - $5,000

Payment Options

Online Payments
  • Option 1: Credit/Debit Cards: From your registration status page, please use the 'Pay with Stripe' button under the Credit/Debit Cards (Stripe) section. An online payment fee of 3% applies. The payment will reflect immediately on your registration.
  • Option 2: PayPal: From your registration status page, Please use the 'PayPal Checkout' button. An online payment fee of 3% applies. The payment will reflect immediately on your registration.
  • Option 3: Zelle: Please use your Bank App to make a direct payment to our Zelle account at [email protected]
    • Additionally, please send us a text at +1 (516) 317 0946 with your full name, email address, phone number, and Registration Number (also indicating that you made a payment through Zelle). The payment will be applied to your registration within 72 hours of the payment being received and an email with the updated status will be sent at that point. No additional fee will be charged when using the Zelle Option.
Check Payments

Songbook Advertisements

Songbook Advertisements / Stalls
Song book Advertisements: 

Full Page: USD 500
Half Page: USD 300
Quarter Page: USD 200

1 Table: USD 150

Cut-Off Date: June 30th, 2024.

Please use the button below to register for Songbook Advertisements & Stalls.

For Songbook Advertisements: Once registered & payment has been made, please email your completed advertisement with your full name, phone number & Church name to [email protected]. Alternatively, You can also upload your completed advertisement using the button below.

For Stalls:  Please register using the button below & Please contact the executive team for guidelines.

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